Ca Đoàn Thiên Thần

Ca Doan Thien Than Pic


Ca đoàn Thiên Thần was founded in 2000 and represented our youth organization, Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Society (TNTT). We show our young talents and help others sing to praise and worship God.

Direction of The Choir

Our choir’s vision is to continue to have the youth take the initiative to grow, learn, and lead over the years. We also nurture the youth and their talents that God has given to spread to others.


Our objective is to help the youth find a way to use their talents as well as bring them closer to God by praising Him through songs.

Age Range & Requirements to Join

  1. Requirements:
    • In the youth organization (TNTT)
    • Committed to attend practice sessions
  2. Age: At least 8 years old


Our choir is led by:

  • Choir Director – Lilian Ninh
  • Assistant Director –
  • Choir Administrator – Nhi Mai

Activities & Practice Time

  1. Practice Time:
    • Fridays from 7:30-9:00 PM
    • Singing in 11:30 mass once every month
  2. Activities:
    • Sing for weddings
    • Singing for TNTT camp mass
    • Christmas carols for nursing homes