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Altar Servers

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Lời Giới Thiệu

The Altar Server’s Ministry is a unique ministry in the Catholic Church. Other than priests and deacons, no one else is allowed to so closely play a part in the preparation of the Eucharist. Your participation as an Altar Server is special. When you serve the priests and deacons, you serve the people of God, and above all, you serve Christ.

Altar Server Ministry is also one of a few ministries that provide opportunities for young people to develop confidence, leadership, and knowledge of the worship life of the Catholic Church.  What you do and how you serve can help other people understand the importance and sacredness of the Mass and have a deeper love for God.  It does make a difference what you wear, how you carry the candles, how you bow and hold your hands, whether you seems prayerful or interested.  When people see that you are reverent and interested in the Mass, they will be more reverent and interested as well.

Tôn Chỉ

Altar Servers must remember that everything that they do is for the Glory of God. They do it out of love for His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.  This means “All for the Honor and Glory of God”. It is the motto of a heart of service.

Mục Đích

Altar Servers at Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church is a group of young people who are willing to serve at the Altar with our Pastor or Priests during all Eucharistic and Special Church Holidays.

Altar Servers must realize that it is an incredible privilege to serve, be close to God, and be one of our Parish’s liturgical ministers, who have special tasks to perform during the celebration of the Eucharist (Mass).

Ban Trị Sự:

Altar Server Coordinator:  Phuoc Vo

Điều Kiện Gia Nhập

  • You must have a strong desire to serve at the Altar and be close to God.
  • You must be at least 10 years old, and have received First Communion and First Confession.
  • You must be good Catholic. You and your family must be a member of Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church in Austin.
  • You must attend Mass regularly (at least once a week and all holidays of obligation). You are encouraged to pray daily and live as good role models for other youth.
  • You must be in good standing at school, at home and at church.
  • You should be currently participating in a program of Faith Formation, either through attending Catechism Sunday school or Eucharistic Youth Group at the Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church or both.
  • You also must be prepared to meet the commitment required of you. They should understand the principles of Devotion, Dedication and Discipline.
  • You must know the order of the Mass and why the Mass is important as Catholic.
  • You must work together in team, sharing responsibilities and helping each other, all for God’s glory.

Sinh Hoạt:

Contact coordinator for if you are qualified to join to receive training.